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The European revolution
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Keeping people free and safe

Freedom of speech is important with respect to others.

NO to violence, cyberbullying, harassment, racism, homophobia and make your own opinions without misinformation & fake news.

Be free & safe on social media

The Awesome Core Team


We brought together talented Women & Men  in Finance, Law, Psychology, Pediatrics, Humane Technology, Sustainability, Banking, Solution Architecture, Marketing , Innovation, AI & Cyber Security  from Europe and across the globe.

We are building technologies to bring people together safely.

Our Key People

Dr. Faiza B. : Partner – Children Behaviour & Addiction Specialist

Adrienn V. : Head of Marketing and Sustainability

Maimoona M. : CEO of Indian Operations

Dr. Thomas H. : Partner – Legal, Finance & Administration

Karim A.A. : Head Of Innovations

Santhosh R. : Solutions Architect

Aasim M. : CTO & Co Founder

Benjamin V.S.B. : Honorary Chairman & Founder


As a company philosophy we do believe that currently and, in the future, there will always be a total parity in each of our departments and board.

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